PA Rentals

Corporate Events, Fundraisers,
Luncheons, Award Ceremonies

Who brought those Speakers and Mics?
We Can!

Call us Today and we can provide
a PA System for your Meetings.

We'll setup, soundcheck, we'll even
run the event for you.
Afterwards we'll break it down.
All you need to do is call and Use it.

Don't Want a DJ?

Got a Music Pro of Your Own but No Gear?
No problem, Rent Ours!

We'll setup your Speakers and Equipment
All you have to do is plug and turn on.

Be the DJ for your own Party!

See you tomorrow and we'll break it down!




2 JBL Eons with Mackie Power Amp
2 stands/cables and Microphone- $200

2 JBL TR 125s with Mackie PA
2 stands/cables with Microphone- $250

Bose L1 Model II with Bass Module
with Mackie 1202 Mixer- $350

Projector Rental- $300